Today has been the first time in a while that we’ve been able to just stop.  Lintilla came home from the hospital yesterday morning (FINALLY). We mostly spent today hanging around the house, watching a very disappointing football game, and goofy TLC programming, and having long talks – the kind we haven’t really had in a long time.  We’ve been in crisis mode for about three weeks, and the time we had for reflection today brought us to a single conclusion:

We are blessed.  Beyond measure.

How do you respond to the knowledge that someone would just drop everything, and come and get your kids when they can’t be in school, but can’t really be at the hospital?  What can you say when folks volunteer to help sit with your wife in her hospital room while you run much-needed errands?  Can a man not feel like George Bailey when people come out of the woodwork to bring dinner, or send flowers, or visit?

People who attend churches that believe in showing the love of Christ know this earthly form of blessed assurance: that loved ones, and people you don’t even know, will be there to catch you when you fall.  We are doubly blessed (with apologies to Meatloaf) in that we have two: we have a church family at Belle Meade UMC, and another at New Beginnings Fellowship.  We had four, count ’em four pastors or church staff come to visit (multiple times).  And, we have a (very big) family in X-Alt.  Not to mention your thoughts and prayers (and visits, and flowers).

We are not totally out of the woods yet.  Lintilla still hurts, but she’s a tough bird, tougher than me, for sure.  We’re most likely going to have to cancel this year’s vacation – we’re using up all of Lintilla’s time.  She cannot be declared cancer-free until 5 years have passed.  The money is about to get VERY tight. 

But, the outlook is great.  The chances are now as good as they ever were that I’ll have Lintilla by my side for a long, long time. 

To feel the arms of Christ wrapped around you in rough times is a blessing indeed.  I cannot praise Him enough.  Nor can I thank you enough.  To all our friends and family, to BMUMC, to New Beginnings, to X-Alt, to all our blogging friends, to my very flexible employer and all the friends I have there, and to the all the folks we’ve never met who nevertheless prayed for us, we have unending gratitude.

It’s impossible to express the depth of joy and gratitude I feel for the love we’ve felt. I’m not doing it justice, I’m afraid.  All I can do is work that much harder to pass it along.  I have every intention of doing just that.


3 Responses to “Blessed”

  1. Ginger Says:

    I tell ya…that Lintilla is SUCH an inspiration!!! I have been SO amazed watching her going through this with such an incredibly positive attitude, a sense of humor, and genuine strength. You both are blessed to have each other, and your friends are blessed to have you both in our lives.

    I have a feeling that you’ve been through the valley, and now y’all are heading for a good, long time of being on the mountaintop…you certainly deserve it.


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