If You See My Mind

…just drop it in any mailbox.  We’re back from the metropolis of Milton,FL.  It was a hectic, but nice Thanksgiving.  While visiting with the folks, it occurred to me:  my mom is melodramatic, my dad, morose.  I got a good dose of both. No wonder I’m insufferable sometimes.

I also realised, for some unknown reason, that I will most likely never see Halley’s comet.  It came in 1986, but I was too involved with whatever trivial nonsense was going on my my life at the time, and didn’t bother to look to the sky.  I’ll be 99 when it comes again, if I make it that far.  Somehow, it seems to be a good metaphor for life.

Tomorrow is the day we get some real answers.  Lintilla and I meet with the oncologist, and we’ll not only find out more about the nature of the cancer she has, but also answers to some of those logistical questions that we need answers to ASAP: how long will she be in the hospital?  How long do I need to stay home with her?  When can she drive again?

My job needs to know what kind of leave I’m going to need to take -and I can’t answer till I have answers myself.  Also, we’re quite stressed out over the logistics of getting the kids to/from school. We don’t think about how precariously balanced our lives are till one of the pieces gets disrupted.  I work 6-3, Lintilla 7:30-whatever.  We do this so Lintilla can drop the kids off at 7, and I can pick them up at 3:15.  Once we find out more from the doctor, we can make a plan (I hope).

We have no idea how we’re going to handle things like Christmas shopping this year.  Thank God we live in the Amazon age.

I’m expecting some bad news today about an old,dear friend of mine. 

Something funny: I bounced my tithe check.  OK, not “bounced”, we have overdraft protection, but it’s still embarrassing.  We’re not broke (yet), I just messed up the timing of paying a few things.

Anyway, in better news, I get my performance review today…

2 Responses to “If You See My Mind”

  1. Susie Says:

    Just let me know how I can help…

  2. Ginger Says:

    Ok, I must inform you that you have been tagged by me to do a meme (today’s your lucky day!) 🙂

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