Crack House? Harvard? Outcome Uncertain

Speaking of catholic school girls in trouble…

Report cards came yesterday.  Zaphod is still making honor roll, all As, and two Bs.  I’m very proud of him, because each of his classes has “advanced” in front of the name.  I bought him some ridiculous video game blingage, that nevertheless meant a lot to him as a reward.

I expected the worst from Trillian this six weeks.  I figured that there would be some penalty for “the incident”, that maybe she had gotten behind because of the in-school suspension.  I had these paranoid visions of grades slipping, then truancy, then drugs, alcohol, and an arrest record. 

Hey, this is not your child…

Anyway, she got straight As for the second straight grading period.  I am so proud of her; she really works hard, and has one of the most natural “math” minds I’ve ever seen, at any age.  I have to assume that “the incident” was a one-time bit of weirdness, and having all of the adults in her life freaking out over it has probably ensured it’ll stay that way.

I have to resist envisioning a full scholarship to Harvard, now.   But, when you are a parent of a child who is just about to hit puberty, you might as well give up guessing where things are going to go.


One Response to “Crack House? Harvard? Outcome Uncertain”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    Damn skippy about the “give up guessing” thing.

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