Catholic School Girls In Trouble

I have to stop by the Office Depot in Belle Meade quite a lot; my children are always needed this or that school supply.  Well, every time we stop there, every single time, there are these three girls wearing Catholic school uniforms.  They are smoking and cursing and generally hanging out in the parking lot.

It’s just funny to me – the whole cliche, the weird pervert fantasy of the bad Catholic School Girl – it’s not supposed to be real. 

If they break into “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, I’m going to go to the Office Max on White Bridge Road from now on.

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2 Responses to “Catholic School Girls In Trouble”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    It’s the bus stop for a certain high school named after a recently deceased Church leader.

  2. Moviette Says:

    Hey! Looking up the Kentucky Fried Movie of the Short by the same name, I just found your blog! Steve (Robowriter of Netflix)

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