Signature Required

Ugh.  This is so frustrating.  I’ve been so looking forward to the delivery of my new cell phones and broadband card.

I look at the tracking on FedEX’s site, and it says, basically, that delivery failed because a signature was required, and I wasn’t home.  Dang it!

How is it that when I order from Omaha Steaks, they’ll leave over $200 worth of meat on my porch, but they won’t leave a $100 cell phone order?

(Oh, and if you’re wandering around my neighborhood on meat delivery day, and you try to take my meat, I’ll throw my old cell phone at you!)

2 Responses to “Signature Required”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    Because some companies have an automatic NSR order on all their shipments and other companies don’t.

    Make sure whenever you order something to be delivered to your home you specifically request “No Signature Required”. Otherwise it’s potluck what you’ll get.

  2. dolphin Says:

    Tis one of the few nice things about renting. If I’m not home and a package needs signing for, they take it to the rental office where I can pick it up when I get home.

    What bugs me is when they leave things on the front porch. When I my dining room set (for like 80% off) they left the thing (a $1600 retail value) sitting there on the porch like a giant Pier One box wouldn’t attract a thief’s attention.

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