Getting Old, Part 6,429

I’ve told you that I’ve been having little aches and pains lately.  (Besides the message-from-God near foot breaking).  The most prominent has been a nagging pain in my right knee.  Nothing to put me out of commission, just something to remind me that jogging is not forever.

And that’s a problem.  I am no longer dieting, I’m maintaining my weight with exercise and portion sensibility.  (Plus, I don’t binge eat bags of chips or gallons of ice cream like I used to).  It’s working quite well, so far.  I’m nearing a year on the plan, and I’m still near  my target weight, look, and health.  I’m highly motivated to be the exception to Kat‘s rule that most don’t keep the weight off for more than three (or is it two?) years.

I actually had a woman I hardly know tell me in passing that I look “fantastic”.  My brain refuses to accept this (I don’t get compliments like that), but it does tell me I’m on the right track.

Anyway, yesterday, for the first time, I used a knee brace, because I have to keep working out, because I have to prove Kat wrong.  I really like the knee brace.  I didn’t feel any pain at all.  I win!

Well, not so fast.  I wake up this morning, and I have the same twinging pain.  On my other knee


If I have to go back to dieting, I shall certainly weep.  I am a very stubborn man, so I will get another knee brace, and look like a female high school soccer player.

Getting old is no fun at all.  But, I will not stop running until the Dr makes me, or my legs collapse.  Which, at this point, is highly likely.

4 Responses to “Getting Old, Part 6,429”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    You are almost stubborn enough to be a member of my immediate family. You realise that, don’t you?

    (It’s three years. I say that not to torture you, though.)

    But, I will not stop running until the Dr makes me, or my legs collapse. Which, at this point, is highly likely.

    Try taking up cycling. It’s much lower impact, much better on your knees and a much better workout.

  2. Number9 Says:

    Try this, it may help.

    If you sit a lot you may have patella tendonitis. Muscles in your legs shorten and the patella will no track properly.

    The invisible chair exercise is when you sit against a wall as if you were sitting in a chair, which is not there.

    Start off with 15 seconds. Build up slowly to 30 seconds.

    When you said the other knee starting hurting that fits the pattern.

    You may need orthotics. If you run or play tennis they can change your life.

    More here:

  3. Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » Suckage. Says:

    […] Slarti’s knees have decided to go on strike. It’s too bad they’re union knees, otherwise he could fire them and hire some knees that work cheaper and don’t need benefits, either. […]

  4. Klinde Says:

    Growing old ain’t for sissies… If I am not mistaken, that is from Bette Davis… But I’ve certainly been wrong before!

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