God’s Warning Shot

Note: I promise I’ll get ya’ll a chicken & dumplings recipe, but it’s harder than a normal recipe to document because it’s one of those dishes I “use the force” to prepare.  I can’t tell you how much water I use – I put the chicken in the Dutch oven fist, then put in enough water to cover the chicken, then a little more.  Same with the dumplings.  I use low-fat Bisquick (hey – I’m a busy working dad), and double the recipe on the box, roll it out, use a pizza cutter to shape the dumplings, then put them them in the broth till “it looks about right”.  Sorry, that’s how mama taught me.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll make them again, this time measuring as I go. 

But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.

X-Alt had another busy weekend – Saturday was the coffeehouse, Sunday we did the service at New Beginnings, then had some studio time.  The coffeehouse went wonderfully – all the performers were great.  It was cool hearing Wade Gwyn’s band again, and hearing Sarah Valley’s beautiful voice.  And I had almost forgotten what an incredible songwriter and singer Jim Weber is.  He really stole the show.

Our set was rockin’ and high energy, as usual.  I’ve always been the Kyle Vandenbosch of whatever band I’m in, a “motor on all the time” kind of guy.  I had been really excited since our gig at Word of Life Fellowship, and inspired by that, decided to throw some showmanship into our show Saturday.  Ginger egged me on as well. 😉

At the appropriate moment in Piggyback Ride, I leaped off the stage, jumping as high into the air as I could.  From the crowd, it must have been either really cool, or really goofy.  The world will never know.

So, I wake up early on Sunday to get ready for the church service.  As I turned off the alarm, I felt a twinge of pain in the arch of my right foot.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of little aches and pains lately, so I didn’t think anything of it.

I got out of bed.  I put weight on my right foot.

I collapsed in pain.

I had injured myself, apparently, the night before when I  pretended to be David Lee Roth.  I took some heavy duty pain reliever and went to church.  I was afraid for a while I had broken my foot somehow, but as the day wore on, the pain subsided.  I woke up this morning and it was all but gone.

The way I see it, God was giving me a warning shot.  If we can call it a revelation, it would be something like this:

My child, I’ve given you 43 years on earth to this point.  The body I gave you can no longer handle the things you threw at it when you were 23 (and I wasn’t so crazy about it then).  Consider this a warning.  I love your energy, but you need to hand over jumping duties to your younger band-mates, or else.  Consider yourself warned.

I’ll tell you what.  From now on, I’ll just stage-dive.  If the girls don’t catch me, I can blame them.


But, if that happened, I can envision another revelation:

You’ve dragged others into this madness?  I warned you son – now you must live with a broken foot, AND E.D.!

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2 Responses to “God’s Warning Shot”

  1. fordprefect Says:

    From my vantage point on the other side of the stage I can only say that your “Hang Time” was great and the total effect was well worth your pain!!!

    Rock On!!!!

  2. jim voorhies Says:

    I use pie crust dough for my dumplings.

    And the body thing will get a whole lot worse over the next decade. Consider the foot a harbinger of things to come. Knees are next. Got stairs?

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