5th Grade Boys Update

I promised you I’d tell you how things went last night.  Well, I can truly say I was impressed.

Granted, only two 5th Grade boys showed up last night.  But hopefully that will change, once word gets out amongst the boys.

The pastor didn’t hold back.  It was a classroom type discussion, and an advanced one at that.  I know many adults who would have had trouble with the material.  He even discussed the two different versions of the creation story in Genesis, and the two stories of the birth of Christ in Luke, and whether they could be harmonized.

The boys were engaged and seemed to relish the idea of being taken seriously intellectually.  Keep in mind, the majority of our 5th graders (when they all show up), are advanced students.  Zaphod has taken religion classes at school since first grade.  I saw his eyes light up at the idea of getting validation from An Authority. 

This bodes well for the future.  Hopefully, the rest of the boys will show up next week, and they’ll have a lively discussion.

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One Response to “5th Grade Boys Update”

  1. Katherine Coble Says:

    I meant to comment on the other one, but I’ve turned into some kind of lurker lately where I read things, think comments out in my head and fail to type them.

    I think honestly that this is a good move. I’m impressed that your church is looking at the PEOPLE these 5th grade boys are and not just reacting to their age.

    I’ve been on a soapbox lately about graded Sunday Schools and the miasma of spiritual retardation that they cause. Unfortunately few people listen to me. (Perhaps it’s because I’m insane…)

    Stories like this–a church saying “We don’t care if you’re X years old, we know YOU and think YOU are ready for THIS material”–just warms my heart through.

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