Resurrecting A Piece of Nashville Gospel History

Ford has a post up at the X-Alt blog about what we’re doing tonight; it’s something I think is super-cool.  We are going to the studio!  Let me let Ford fill you in a little:

X-ALT! will be returning to the recording studio tonight to record the new theme song for Nashville’s longest running gospel music program. “Nashville Gospel” hit the Nashville airways over 35 years ago and was for a long time the standard by which local “religious” music programing was judged.

You long time Nashvillians might have been wondering about Nashville Gospel and what became of it.  You might not have known this, but it was still on the air till about a month ago:

Over the past 10 years with the change in viewing habits, and management at WSMV-TV, “Nashville Gospel” has seen it time slot changed again and again till it came to it’s final resting place in the wee hours of Sunday morning basically destined to defeat by scheduling. Lack of advertising income caused by it’s ever changing position led the show to stop new production about a year ago and they have been airing re-runs while trying to create new revenue but unfortunately WSMV made the decision to drop the show off the schedule about a month ago.

Sad.  But, there is a change in the wind.  Nashville Gospel is not dead.  In fact, I feel a resurrection coming on:

But host Tommy Lewis is determined to get “Nashville Gospel” back on it’s feet. He has begun working with a partner that will allow for new content to be shot and they have brought on a new producer/editor (That would be ME) to update the look of the show. They are in talks with another local broadcaster about picking the show up, and it continues to run in a few other television markets.

Yes, X-Alt’s own Ford Prefect has signed on to produce the show.  This is what he does in his day job, and he does it well; if you’ve ever seen a locally produced commercial on WSMV.  And the first step in this resurrection will be be recording of a new theme song.  And we record it tonight.  I’ve heard it, and played on a demo – it’s snazzy.  Mark Mills wrote a good one, and X-Alt is going to add its own stamp to it. 

X-Alt is doing this because we believe in Tommy Lews, we believe Nashville still needs a Nashville Gospel, and we feel the Holy Spirit is leading us in this direction.  Y’all keep Tommy Lewis, X-Alt, and Nashville Gospel  in your prayers.  And be looking out for the show to be airing soon.  We might need your help to spread the word.

Great things are coming!


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