Torn, Virtually

Is this weird or what?  I’m seriously considering getting in a flame war with myself.  Mostly because of my weird, dual personality.  I can’t decide if I like football or Ugly Betty more.

An example of this weird duality: on September 16th, I will be getting up and tailgating with Warrior, then watching the Titans shock the world (again) by beating the Indianapolis Colts.  There will be much yelling, grunting, beer and bravado.  If we lose, there will probably be cursing.  But, we won’t lose.

During this whole time, I will attempt to get any news I can from the NASCAR race at Dover, to see how my favorite drivers who are in “the Chase” did”.

Once I get out of traffic and get home, I will switch gears and live blog the red carpet arrivals at the Emmys At UBN (complete with commentary about the fashion sense of the various celebrities), along with the awards themselves.  It will be catty and celebrity/fashion oriented. 

6 hours of nothing but testosterone.  6 hours of full-blown estrogen.  Ater that, I’m all out of hormones for the week.

Anyway, I am considering writing a post over there, that half of me would disagree with.  Vehemently.  It’s the kind of thing that could come to blows, if I didn’t know me as well as I do.  Nevertheless, I would really let myself have it, if I were ever so brazen as to tick myself off about such a passionate subject.  But then, again, I’d get pretty mad at me, too.  So, it’d be even.

Now, why hasn’t my wife had me committed, yet?


One Response to “Torn, Virtually”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Hilarious! That’s how I roll, too, Slarti…some NFL, NASCAR, and an awards shows all in the same day sounds like a perfect day to me, too!

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