Education Coolness

I knew this would eventually happen.  My daughter came home yesterday, plopped a CD in her laptop, and copied her math book, the entire book in pdf form, to her desktop.

Considering that last year we had to buy a second set of books to keep at home so she didn’t throw her back out lugging them all back and forth to school, this is a good development, indeed.

It’s my understanding that this is a pilot program at my kids’ school.  It would be cool if the entire school did it (my son is thinking about putting weightlifting down as an extracurricular activity because of all the book lugging), but that probably won’t come till next year.

I realise this would not be as easy to roll out to public schools (some kids, who am I kidding – most elementary-age kids don’t have laptops).  But, from where I sit, it’s something worth pursuing.

2 Responses to “Education Coolness”

  1. Linda Says:

    The Bear (my 3rd grade step-daughter) goes to public school and we can access her math book online. Best use of the internet I can think of!

  2. daddyquatro Says:

    My kid’s middle school sends one set of books home, they stay here all year. They have another set in the classrooms for every class to use.

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