Bad News And Good News

So, here’s the bad news.  I will no longer be posting recaps and news about the show Ugly Betty here at Shoot The Moose.  You just won’t find that here anymore.

That’s because of the good news.  No, I didn’t just save a ton of money on my car insurance with Geico.  It’s better than that.

I get to finally add a “also writing at” category on my sidebar. I’ve been dying to tell you guys, and now that it’s official, I can.  To help you get your Ugly Betty fix, go to my new site: Ugly Betty News .   I am writing it for b5media – which means that Busy Mom and I are co-workers!

I didn’t want the whole world to know my real name (Slartibartfast), so I’m using a pseudonym (Tom – how vanilla is that for a fake name?). 

Y’all come on over to Ugly Betty News, and please place it in your blogrolls, readers, etc.  My goal is to make it THE blog for Ugly Betty news, spoilers, show recaps, rumours, and celebrity photos.  I have put a LOT of work into this site so far, and I hope it shows.  This is a brave, new world for me.  I get to be a fanboy, and catty, and a critic, and a celebrity reporter.  Quite a change from around here, huh?

I’d just be pleased as punch if y’all come along with me on this journey.

Hat Tip to Brittney .  Wait, a hat tip isn’t enough – I bow low to you, fine lady.

7 Responses to “Bad News And Good News”

  1. Susie Says:

    Wait…is this a truly get paid for gig? Sweet!

  2. Warrior Says:

    Way to go, dude! Betty rules!

  3. Busy Mom Says:

    Welcome to b5! You have been assimilated.

  4. badbadivy Says:

    Yay! I love your Ugly Betty recaps, I can’t wait to read them at the new place!

  5. Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » It’s Like Top Model…Except None Of The Girls Are Crying Says:

    […] guy named “Tom” is now writing an official Ugly Betty Blog for B5 Media. Y’all come on over to Ugly Betty News, and please place it in your blogrolls, readers, etc. My […]

  6. Kathy T. Says:

    Yippee! Congrats!

  7. Kate O' Says:

    Congratulations! That’s so cool.

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