A Thing I’ve Learned

I used to think that people whose blogs looked at the world from a single perspecive (left or right activist politics, feminism, a representative of a certain race or nationality), were stunted in growth and, to be honest, shallow.

I am slowly learning how hard it is to filter the world through a single lens, on purpose.

Now, I still think people who, in real life are , shall we say, “not well rounded” in how they see the world – IMHO those folks need help.  But to do it because “that’s what your blog is about”?  Well, that’s a job.

I’ve also learned that writing is easy.  News gathering is hard.

But, I’m having a ball with this “other thing I can’t quite mention yet”,  anyway.  It’s just not as easy as it looks.


One Response to “A Thing I’ve Learned”

  1. Busy Mom Says:

    Nope, it’s not.

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