On This Day In History

I really love sites like Brainy History, which list historical events on a daily basis.  Sometimes, I wish I had pursued making a career of my love of history, instead of just dabbling in it.  But, then again, I AM a dabbler.

But, it’s amazing that you can pick any day in the calendar, look backward, and see lots of interesting events, people, and places.  Take today for instance.  I picked these events out of a very long list, and threw my own comments into some:

Today In History: August 16th

Notable Events:

  • 1513: Battle at Eguinegatte/Guinegate: Maximilian and Henry III beat France

  • 1570: King Janos Sigismund Zapolyai signs secret treaty with Maximilian II (Bush’s fault)

  • 1691: Yorktown Virginia founded

  • 1743: Earliest boxing code of rules formulated in England (Jack Broughton)  (fight fair, y’all)

  • 1777: Americans defeat British in Battle of Bennington, Vt (yeah!)

  • 1780: British decisively defeat Americans in Battle of Camden, SC (uh-oh…)

  • 1812: Gen Hull surrenders Detroit and Michigan territory to England (Dang!)

  • 1829 Siamese twins Chang and Eng Bunker arrive in Boston to be exhibited

  • 1858: Britain’s Queen Victoria telegraphs President James Buchanan

  • 1863: Emancipation Proclamation signed (that was a biggie!)

  • 1870: Fred Goldsmith demonstrates curve ball isn’t an optical illusion (enter baseball)

  • 1896: Gold discovered in Klondike, found at Bonanza Creek, AK

  • 1898: Edwin Prescott patents roller coaster (wheeee!)

  • 1903: Tigers play a home game in Toledo Ohio, Yanks win 12-8 (Ohio!)

  • 1904: New York City begins building Grand Central Station

  • 1914: Zapata and Pancho Villa over run Mexico

  • 1920: Ray Chapman, of Indians is hit in head by Yanks’ Carl Mays pitch; he dies next day, only major league fatality. (May it never happen again)

  • 1927: 1st HR hit out of Comiskey Park Chicago (New York Yankee Babe Ruth)

  • 1943: Bulgarian czar Boris III visits Adolf Hitler

  • 1944: 2nd Canadian Division occupies Falaise Normandy (Go Canadians!)

  • 1946: Great Calcutta blood bath – Moslem/Hindu riot (3-4,000 die)  (Dang)

  • 1947: Ralph Kiner becomes 1st Pirate to hit 3 consecutive HRs

  • 1954: Sports Illustrated magazine begins publishing (No swimsuit edition yet…)

  • 1955: Fiat Motors orders 1st private atomic reactor (What the?)

  • 1959: U.S.S.R. introduces installment buying (I knew it was a commie plot!)

  • 1961: Martin L. King protests for black voting right in Miami

  • 1962: Ringo Starr replaces Pete Best as Beatle drummer (That worked out pretty well)

  • 1964: St. Louis Card Curt Flood gets 8 straight hits in a doubleheader (Holy Cow!)

  • 1965: AFL awards its 1st expansion franchise (Miami Dolphins)

  • 1969: Woodstock rock festival begins in New York (Ivory Soap sales plummet)

  • 1974: Ramones concert debut (NY’s CBGBs) (Was Hutchmo there?)

  • 1975: Peter Gabriel quits Genesis (Enter Phil Collins)

  • 1977: Yanks blow 9-4 lead in 9th but beat Chicago 11-10 in bottom of 9th (the Bronx is burning!)

  • 1980: Jools Holland quits Squeeze ; Cozy Powell quits Rainbow; Bill Ward quits Black Sabbath (a good day for hissy fits)

  • 1983: Paul Simon weds Carrie Fisher

  • 1984: L.A. federal jury acquits auto maker John DeLorean on cocaine charges (snort!)

  • 1985: Madonna weds Sean Penn on her 27th birthday

  • 1987: New York Mets beat Chicago Cubs, 23-9 (Harry had a few extra that day)

  • 1987: Astrological Harmonic Convergence – Dawn of New Age (How did that work out?)

  • 1988: IBM introduces software for artificial intelligence (still trying to get Paris Hilton right)

  • 1991: Belgium census is 10,000,963 inhabitants

  • 1997: For only 2nd time Stanley Cup leaves North America (heads to Russia) (and ever since, the NHL has been overrun with Russians)

 There were, of course, some historic deaths on this day:

  • 1938: Robert Johnson, U.S. Delta-blues singer and guitarist, poisoned at 27

  • 1948: Babe Ruth, Baseball legend (New York Yankees), dies in New York at 53

  • 1949: Margaret Mitchell, U.S. writer (Gone With the Wind), dies at 48

  • 1956: Bela Lugosi, actor (Dracula), dies of heart attack at 73

  • 1977: Elvis Presley, rocker, dies of heart ailment/drugs at Graceland at 42

  • 1989: Amanda Blake, actress (Gunsmoke), dies at 58

  • 1991: Shamu the Whale, dies of respiratory failure at 16

  • 1995: John Cameron Swayze, news anchor (NBC), dies at 89

  • 2003: Idi Amin, Ugandan dictator, dies at 78

 There were also some notable births:

  • 1897: Robert Ringling, circus master

  • 1913: Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister, 1977-83, Nobel 1978

  • 1923: Shimon Peres, Israeli Labor Party leader/prime minister

  • 1925: Fess Parker, Fort Worth Texas, actor, Davy Crockett, Old Yeller

  • 1930: Robert Culp, Berkley California, actor, I Spy, Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice

  • 1930: Frank Gifford, born in California, NFL halfback for the New York Giants/ABC sportscaster

  • 1946: Lesley Ann Warren, New York City, actress, Cinderella, Mission Impossible

  • 1947: Carol Moseley-Braun, Sen-D Illinois

  • 1949: Bill Spooner, rock guitarist and vocalist, Tubes

  • 1953: Kathie Lee Gifford, Paris, Florida, hostess, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee

  • 1954: George Galloway, British Politician

  • 1958: Madonna, [Ciccone], Bay City, Michigan, singer and actress, Like a Virgin

  • 1958: Angela Bassett, born in New York City, actress, What’s Love Got to Do With It

  • 1960: Timothy Hutton, born in Malibu, California, actor, Turk 182, Ordinary People

  • 1963: Steve Carell, American Actor

  • 1964: Slartibartfast, blogger

  • 1969: Ben Coates, NFL tight end for the New England Patriots

  • 1974: Ryan Longwell, NFL kicker, Green Bay Packers-Superbowl 31

  • 1980: Vanessa Carlton, American Musician

You see, every day is historical and interesting.  I just picked this one because, well…I don’t know.

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7 Responses to “On This Day In History”

  1. x117236 Says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Ford Prefect Says:

    I can’t believe you went through all that just to pimp your birthday!

    OK, I can believe it.

    Happy Birthday!!!!
    You are now offically another year older than me 🙂

  3. Warrior Says:

    This is also the birthdate of Raymond Jones, 1927, father of Barbara Jones, wife of Warrior (currently on fast track to sainthood). Happy Birthday, dude!

  4. Susie Says:

    Happy Birthday You! This is also the 30th anniversary of the death of my brother Bret who was killed on the same day as Elvis while serving in the army, so please say a prayer for my mom today…

  5. badbadivy Says:

    ROFL @ Bush’s fault! And happy birthday, homeslice!

  6. Aggie Says:

    Hi!. Thanks a bunch for the info. I’ve been digging around for info, but i think i’m getting lost!. Yahoo lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back over here in a couple of days to see if there is updated posts.

  7. ALEXIS Says:

    I am Tiger Woods fun,but I have found another place more interesting about his crazy life.Cu

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