Quick Thought

So many problems between people are caused by digging in.  Life becomes much, much easier when you no longer concern yourself with saving face.

This has nothing to do with any of you (although, I guess it could).  But, in marriage, this advice is indispensable.

Lintilla and I had an argument last night that could have been real ugly, had we dug in.  But, after the initial flare-up and a little “alone” time, we realised that each of us was upset, but not really with each other.  Long story short: she had a really bad day, especially with a patient who called her some very nasty names.  Me?  I had lovingly prepared a dinner I thought would make her happy, and waited till she got home. And waited.  And waited, as supper got cold.

I had no reason to be mad at her, personally, but I snapped as she walked in the door.  She had no reason to be angy with me, but she snapped right back.  We could have continued and given each other some real grievances, but experience has taught us to just back away for a bit, and think about why we’re really upset.

Anyway, it occured to me: if you do not do the right thing because you are concerned with looking weak, you are weak indeed.  True strength is not giving a damn, and doing the right thing anyway.


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