Stretch Armstrong

After coming back from vacation tanned (sort of) and rested, a couple of things have happened that mean I’m going to be the busiest Slartibartfast in the known universe.

Not only are we heading into X-Alt’s busy season, school is starting (which always adds extra work to a busy parent’s schedule), the Tennessee Titans season has started (and I paid too much for season tickets to miss the games), so I’ll be busy Sundays from the morning to the evening, I have my usual cooking and cleaning to do, and I’ve got something exciting I’m working on blog-wise which will take up a lot of my time outside my day job (don’t ask, I can’t tell you yet).  Then there’s another certification test I’ve got coming up for work.

I’m not complaining; all of this is stuff I want to do, and I’m quite excited about it.  But, being ADHD, or something like it, just fitting it all in can be overwhelming.  I know what I need.

Do any of y’all want to be my personal assistant?  Just keep track of what I’m supposed to be doing, and when, ensure none of my commitments conflicts with any others others, and keep track of my deadlines.  16 hours a day when I’m not sleeping, I need you to tell me what I should be working on at any given moment.  It would be nice if you could tell me where I need to be, and put me in a plane, bus, or car with appropriate GPS coordinates set.  In other words, I go wherever you point me, and do whatever it is you say I should be doing.  Gee, sounds like my wife.

Unfortunately, I can’t pay you, except my undying admiration.  Which also sounds like my wife.

Now, y’all don’t fall all over yourselves fighting for the job. 🙂


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