To The Market We Will Go

For once in my life, I’m looking forward to construction moving along.  For those of you who travel West End often, you know that not one, but two grocery stores are in construction in outer Belle Meade.  They are literally across the street from one another.

There is the new Publix where HG Hill’s used to be.  And then, there’s the old Belle Meade Theater, which, among other things, is being renovated into a Harris Teeter.  Now, we could decry the heresy of turning a grand old theater into a grocery store, maybe even release a theme album, but since the property had already been a bookstore, I think that ship has sailed.

No, unlike Opry Mills, which was highly uneccessary, I embrace this change.

I work in the Centennial Park area, and live on the West Meade/Bellevue border.  My commute is 99% a straight-shot down West End.  When the HG Hill’s closed, I had zero grocery stores between my work and my home, besides the Belle Meade Kroger, which I’ll get to in a minute.

Now, I am a suburbanite, and have been all my life.  The urban way of “doing” groceries (have staples on hand, but stop near daily at the “market” to get fresh meat and veggies for the evening’s meal), is totally foreign to me.  I have a freezer and a Costco membership.  I daresay that if there was a huge disaster, but electricity was still available, I probably have enough food in my house right now to feed my family of four for over a month. 

In fact, in my wastefulness, I’ve got about ten bottles of Heinz 57 onhand because most of the time I forget that I just got some the previous week, I see it in the store and say, “We need Heinz 57!”.   This is just how we do things out my way.

But I’m looking to change that, for a couple of reasons.  First, my weekends are just getting to be too busy to block out several hours for one big grocery run.  Second, there’s the wastefulness I described above.  And third, I’d like to start using the freshest ingredients possible in my recipes.

I refuse to go to the Belle Meade Kroger – excuse me, Kroger Fresh Fare .  It was already cramped and understocked before they changed to the emphasis to upscale prepared foods.  And I know the parking is horrible there, but VALET PARKING?  And don’t get me started on their puny salad bar…

So, if I want fresh ingredients, it’s either go to the Harris Teeter in Hillsboro Village near my kids’ school, the Harris Teeter at the 70/100 split (too similar to Belle Meade Kroger), or traipse all the way out to Bellevue and go to the Hwy 70 Kroger.  If I’ve had a long day, the last thing I want to do is backtrack.

Don’t think I haven’t considered Plumgood Foods, but I don’t want to get the hippie brand of everything, I want my McBrands.  And I want to choose my own fruits, meats and veggies. 

So, I’m am looking forward VERY much to these two new stores being opened.

The only problem is that when I change my habits to just-in-time grocery inventory, I will not be prepared for the apocolypse.  But I’ll still have a month’s worth of toilet paper from Costco.


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