NFL Blues

John Dwyer paints a bleak picture of diminishing media access at NFL events.  A sample:

TV network affiliates helped build the league into what it is today; the most powerful, influential sports league in the world. Our coverage of the team (on and off the field) during newscasts helped build local interest in the teams. Without being affiliated with a major network, the NFL would have had no outlet to distribute its product.
Now, the league wants to slowly limit our access to the team so it can do it themselves.

The days of flipping on the tube and simply plopping down on the couch and flipping a game will soon be gone forever.

Mark my words.

I can only take so much Bryant Gumball.  Most people I know feel the same way.  Yet, the NFL Network hired him to be the main broadcast voice.  On purpose.

But, style aside, I am afraid that one day the NFL will swallow itself whole in its arrogance.  It’s the big cheese right now, but not too long ago, the NBA was the thing, and all the other sports were scrambling to match the genius of David Stern.  Now, the NBA is no longer the sport all the others aspire to be.

Right now, the NFL can get away with these things, because they are so big, powerful, and popular.  But, with player scandals, horrendous publicity about retired players’ health benefits, and strongarmed tactics about media access, cracks are appearing around the edges.

The NFL is in a precarious situation.  I wonder if they even know it?  Or care?

Read the rest of Dywer’s post.  It gives you a great picture of local sports media, and it’s relationship to the NFL.

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One Response to “NFL Blues”

  1. Warrior Says:

    I just noticed in today’s paper that the local television broadcast will be on Channel 30.

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