I’m Just Here For the Swag

So, being out of the loop of these things, I’ll ask you guys:  has the Mayor’s First Day Festival become just another parental swag-fest?  Or is there actually useful information at this thing that parents of Metro schoolchildren can use?

Watching it grow over the years has been interesting; it appears to now be fully corporate-tized.  I picture it as a city-sponsored cousin to the Nashville Bridal Fair, or the Nashville Parent Private School Fair, the Summer Camp Fair, or the Nashville Baby Fair, or even the Parade of Homes for that matter.

In other words, advertising cloaked as useful information.  Or am I being all too cynical about this?  Because, isn’t advertising information?  Paid for, spun to put the subject in the best light, highly targeted, but it is information.

But then again, my kids really love swag.  Maybe we’ll go.


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