You’re Men

Y’all, I didn’t want to give you the impression that my previous post was all I had on my mind today.  The church service at Riverbend Prison yesterday was quite intense, and it’s hard to gather my thoughts on it, because I have feelings more than thoughts about the whole experience.

First off, if you didn’t know it, Ginger can sing.  Oh, I know you knew she could carry a melody well, but the hallmark of a great singer is someone who can do that, AND slip into harmonies with an ensemble; well, Ginger is spectacular in that regard.

Sometimes, I take that particular talent for granted, I am surrounded by it: Mark, Vince, Susie, Brooke, Katy – they all have oodles of vocal talent, and it’s so wonderful to see that talent offered up in service to the Lord.

It was great that Katy went along this time.   She just adds that extra something to the vocals that takes  the music from “good” to “wow”.

The main speaker preached a sermon that spoke to me, about building and nurturing a spiritual garden no matter where you are.  The sermon was meant for the men, but it spoke to me, nonetheless.

Men.  That was a moment that sent chills down my spine – when the preacher said, “Outside, they think of you as criminals; they call you inmates.  You’re not inmates.  You’re men.  You’re men.” Amen.

I sure wish y’all could have heard the song “Where The River Bends”, written by one of the men.  If I’m ever able to write that well, I’ll know I’m a songwriter.

Ginger has summed up the evening perfectly for me, and Ford will have a post up about it soon.  Be on the lookout.  No pictures – those are kind of out of the question in this setting.

I can tell you this: pick a group of people that you have had a degree of cognitive dissonance about in the past.  A “them”.  Ask God to send you to minister to “them”, no matter how much it scares you.  Allow your heart to be opened. 

This is the place where true healing is found.

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  1. john h Says:

    Slarti – Sorry I’ve missed the last couple of shows (that I was ‘eligible’ to attend). Have you got any future dates in the area lined up, and, is G-Snaps gonna be invited again?

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