Yes, Kleinheider, But Then, No, Too

Kleinheider asks a very interesting question:

Should immigration be an issue in a local campaign? Are any of these candidates really serious about making the issue a priority or are they just pandering in search of votes?

I’ll answer the second question by answering the first.

Constitutionally, this issue belongs to the Feds.  The fact that the Feds have absolutely dropped the ball (for at least a generation), affects the real answer.

Of course, it’s a local issue.

It’s a local issue because our numbers and demographics have changed.  This very fact brings about new challenges and opportunities.  It’s a fair question to ask each candidate: how will you handle the changing demographics of our city?  Will you embrace it?  Fight for the old guard?  Nashville is not the same town it was 20, or even 10 years ago.  There are quite a few new residents amongst us, whether we agree with them being here or how they got here.  Many of them do not speak English.

Our feelings about this are quite beside the point.

I think every candidate should have answered this question: how will you respond to the new numbers and changing demographics of our city’s populace?  The election’s Thursday, and it’s a little late to have an honest discussion about this.


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