Maybe It’ll Show Up on YouTube

I’ve had more than one person tell me that they’ve seen my children in a television commercial that’s airing right now.  What’s weird is that I haven’t seen it yet.

They filmed it a couple of weeks ago at summer camp – it involves Cornerstone Financial Credit Union and the Parent Teacher Store.  I know nothing else about it, except that we got to go see Ratatouille because of it. (I’m already becoming a Hollywood dad, sponging off my kids).

You don’t know how requests we’ve had, from people who claim to be professional photographers, to photograph Trillian.  We have refused thus far.  Too many creeps out there.  We might rethink things soon though.  We, er, I mean she, could really use the money. 

Please don’t take that last sentence seriously.  If she wants to profit from her natural beauty when she is an adult, that’s her business.  But right now, until she hates me because I won’t let her go to the dance with Johnny Nosering, I will not share her, for any money.  UNLESS she actually comes to me and asks to be a child model, or actess, or whatever.  Right now, she doesn’t have any extracurricular activities to put on her applications to high schools. 😉 .  Seriously, I would allow it, if it were her idea.  Just like Zaphod with football.  Otherwise, just do your math homework, little lady.

Anyway, all I want now is to just see the darn thing.  I’ve stopped fast forwarding through commercials on DVR for my Food Network shows (it’s a cable commercial), but to no avail.

Have any of you guys seen the ad for Cornerstone CU with a couple of beautiful Asian children it? 


One Response to “Maybe It’ll Show Up on YouTube”

  1. Warrior Says:

    I saw them twice on Saturday on the Travel Channel.

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