Miller Time

Remember that scene in Stand And Deliver, when the testing service demands the kids re-take the AP Calculus test because their grades were near perfect (and the teacher Escalante also thought it was because his students had Spanish surnames)?

 Well, that’s how well I did on my Microsoft certification exam today.

I didn’t just pass it, I kicked its butt and left it for dead.  By my calculations, I missed two questions out of 43.  In three of the six areas of study, I got a perfect score.

I’m so excited; I’ve got two more to pass to get my MCAD, three more to get my MCSD (at which point Bill Gates will own my soul).

I’m not bragging, I’m just sitting here in shock.  I was an idiot last night, and didn’t take my Ambien (worried about being cloudy-headed today).  Well, whenever something’s happening the next day, you can be rest assured that my mind will be running a mile a minute ALL night, which happened.  I’m running on zero sleep.

So, I ingested so much caffeine and sugar, I came close to running around screaming “I am Cornholio!” at some points during the day.  So, that, along with the fact that all my studying didn’t seem to be “sticking” — I thought that would be a recipe for disaster.


Now, I’ve come down from the high of both the caffeine and they joy of still being able to kick butt on exams.  I am exhausted.

I know I owe a few of you some communications, but I think I’m going to take a cat nap, then go get a beer.  I’ll see y’all on the other side.

4 Responses to “Miller Time”

  1. nm Says:

    Oh, such congratulations!

    But really, wouldn’t you rather have Steve Jobs own your soul? I’m a PC person the whole way, you understand. But I’m told that Jobs is much more fun to work for or be in thrall to.

  2. Eric Says:

    I believe a big strong “CONGRATS!” are in order!!!

    Tell me, how does one get certified for Microsoft? That would be such a cool thing 🙂

  3. Slartibartfast Says:

    They have many, many certifications, depending on your specialty. Basically, you pick a test, study like crazy, schedule an appointment at a testing center (ususally tech training sites), and take the test on specially set up PCs at the office.

    Most of the “big” certifications are combinations of certain tests . You can see more about it at the Microsoft site above.

    Then, you can put the fancy-schmancy certifications on your resume!

  4. Mr. Mack Says:

    I just put em there anyway, Slarti. Its easier, less time consuming, and way less costly. Heck, I even made a few certifications up, just to tweak the HR people a little. If they ask me technical questions, I just inform them that I don’t work for free.

    Your way is good too.

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