Well, I’ll Be

I had been dreading weighing since we got back from Fort Myers.  We ate very well there, and although I tried to eat broiled seafood as much as possible, I also let go somewhat at ate at Waffle House, Perkin’s (twice) and a funky beach burrito place named Burrito-A-Go-Go .

I weigh a half pound less than when we left.

I have had a week of exercise and easing back into my good-eating ways,so probably when we touched down, I had gained 2 or three pounds, but, wow.

I think Gwen Shamblin doesn’t get enough credit.  On vacation, I ate everything my heart desired, I just ate till my (now smaller) stomach felt full, and took the rest home for lunch the next day.

I still believe one must eat much fewer “bad” foods early on, just to get his stomach to the place where Weigh-Down will be effective. 

But anyway, I’m quite encouraged.

I also did the first weight training workout with the Redneck Canadian Thursday, and I’m still sore. 

 But at least now I know it’s worth it.

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