Domain Name Poll

So, let’s say someone was going to start a “Nashville food blog” for regular people. Hypothetically, of course. And this blog would eventually want to pull in a little revenue, so it would need to be hosted on its own domain. Just sayin’.

 Which do you like better:,,or ?

Or, would you have another suggestion for my hypothetical friend?  If so, check at and see if it’s available; if so, leave it in the comments and I’ll think abou…er…I’ll pass it along to my, um, hypothetical friend.

UPDATE: My um, friend, has come up with a pretty good pun based on a beach boys album.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE #2: Nevermind.  Although I love the name “Endless Supper”, it’s just too darn close to LCreekmo’s Fixin’ Supper; and since she’s one of my heroes, I… friend will not go there.  The search continues.


11 Responses to “Domain Name Poll”

  1. brittney Says:

    I like “”

  2. Barry Says:

    Subtlety, thy name is Slarti.

    But seriously, “” sounds vaguely insulting – like it should be accompanied by a hand gesture or something.

    Of the three I like but I think there are others out there available that might be better.

  3. Busy Mom Says:

    Sorry, I just keep seeing “tit nashville”, though it might get you some hits.

    Of the Internet traffic kind.

    Just sayin’…

  4. Jim Says:

    sorry you made me post this when you mentioned the beach boys:

    good frybations?

  5. bridgett Says:

    How about

  6. Kathy T. Says:


  7. newscoma Says:

    How about Musical Fruit?

    maybe not.

  8. Rachel Says: is available. Just in case you were wondering. 😉

  9. graceless24 Says:

    I’m all about

    It made me giggle. And really, making me laugh is what’s important here.

  10. Hawk Says:

    Depends on what you mean a Nasville Food blog for regular people. This is somewhat nebulous! How about the following:










    A few ideas for you!

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