Two New Words

What I absolutely love about my family is that every member of it has a keen sense of humor and and a love for twists of the English language.  Over dinner, we added two new words to the family lexicon:

 Shamama – Shamu’s mother.  That particular conversation had us in tears, coming up with many variations of “Sha” words.  The old folks at Perkin’s had no idea what we were on about.

And Hawaii’s contribution to the War on Terror:  The Bazookulele .  Don Ho isn’t dead, he’s undercover.

Of course, these are probably only funny to us, but that’s OK, because laughter is it’s own reward.  I dread the day, which is coming very soon, that my kids will consider themselves too cool for silliness.

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One Response to “Two New Words”

  1. Mack Says:

    Would a grass dress designed for very large women be called a shamu-mu?

    Ok, Bazookulele cracked me right up.

    Also, that spell-check spanked me for shamu-mu but not bazookulele.

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