You youngin’s bear with me for a minute. 

On my jog today, what does my iPod decide to play me? (I always have it on “shuffle”).  “Maybe”, by Thom Pace.

Who the heck is that, you ask?  Why should we know that song?  Folks as old as me might know. 

It was the theme song to The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams .  Now, that was some fine TV.  Or, at least it was to my 11 year old John Denver-loving, Grape Nuts eating earth child soul.  I absolutely adored that show.

How could you not love a show that had a plot roughly mirroring “The Fugitive”, with beautiful mountain scenery, a humongous bear, and Denver Pyle?  Not to mention the beautiful theme song, in which Pace seems to be channeling David Gates.  Add in a stubborn mule (Number 7) and a Native American to add to the back-to-nature mood of the time, and you have a great recipe for quality entertainment.

How could that show have only lasted for two seasons?  Granted, Dan Haggerty was not an overly handsome leading man, and women rarely appeared on the show.  But to most kids I knew, the show was right up there with “Happy Days” as must-watch TV.

Next time I get nostalgic, I’ll tell you all about the Saturday Night Fever knockoff, Makin’ It .  (Great song, by the way)


2 Responses to “Maybe”

  1. Warrior Says:

    Remember it well, man. Also used to watch “Father Murphy”, the spinoff from “Little House on the Prarie”. It had football man Merlin Olson, and the incredible Moses Gunn.

  2. Klinde Says:

    Loved what you said in response to Nate over at Ivy’s place! I bookmarked you for that very reason. He slammed me a days ago on NiT and I replied in a way that did not elicit his usual rant.

    Brentwood a war zone? What part of Brentwood is he in?

    As for the battle of the blue hairs at the Belle Meade Kroger, I face that daily as I work in the building next door and am nearly run over by those “terrorists” in their Mercedes and Jag’s.


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