Let’s Get Random

I’m kind of ticked that Food Network is shuffling their lineup around moving Emeril back to Alton Brown’s spot at 6pm CST.  Yes, I know that’s why they invented DVRs, but we had actually fallen into this dynamic in our family where we made sure to get everything done before Alton came on; we’d gather round the TV just like my when I was a kid.  Back to reality.

There’s a new ice cream shop in Bellevue: 32 Scoops, in the Kroger Shopping Center on Hwy 70.  I give it two scoops up!  I had  something called “Gold Mine”, and it was a creamy, caramel-ly, heavenly concoction.  Everyone else in the family loved theirs as well.  As an aside, some of you long-time Bellevue folks might remember that it is sitting at the site that was Persnickety’s Ice Cream in the 80’s (boy, do I miss THAT place!)

Photos of the show last Saturday at TBG are up at my Flikr page.  All of them were taken by Trillian, and most of them are at a strange angle.  But, we had a great time, and hopefully the photos convey that.

I’m interested in seeing the new TNT show “Saving Grace“.  It could be a very sobering view of fall and redemption, or it could be fluff, it could be affirming, or it could be blasphemous.  It’s going to be worth taking the chance, I think.

I have Nascar RaceView.  You could only have this type of technology with NASCAR, and it has got to be the most fun way to watch a race.  Listening to the driver talk to his crew chief, and watching the entire race from the point of view of a single driver teaches you more about the sport than you could ever learn any other way.  I can tell you one thing I learned from the New Hampshire race last week: Sterling Marlin doesn’t care too much for Juan Pablo Montoya. He also knows a few choice words. That was fun to listen to.


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