It Arrived Just In Time

When I proposed to Lintilla, I was a rube who didn’t have a row to hoe.  I could barely afford the wedding band, much less diamonds for an engagement ring.  I didn’t like it one bit, but Lintilla had a leftover diamond from a short-lived matrimonial “experiment”, so we bought an inexpesive gold ring and had the diamond remounted.  What could I do?  I felt the shame of one who cannot give his beloved what he feels she deserves.  But, it was that, or nothing.

I promised at the time that when our 5th anniversary hit, I would buy her a new ring, with just diamonds from ME.  I was as good as my word.  On our 10th anniversary, we upgraded again.  Then, we did it again on our 15th.

Well, July 10th is our 20th wedding anniversary.  And, as part of our tradition, we upgraded again.  We ordered from Gossage Jewelers on Charlotte Ave, and Lintilla needed something so specialised this time we had to special order it.  As you may know, she works with the elderly, the dying, and the otherwise fragile every day.  A typical diamond ring is a hazard in these conditions; mountings have a tendency to rip sensitive skin.  The ONLY kind of ring Lintilla can wear is a channel-set ring. 

Well, we’ve been married a while, and upgrading a while, so the diamonds are too big for channel set.  And Lintilla prefers emerald cut diamonds.  I have never, ever seen a semi-channel-set, emerald cut diamond ring.  This is what she wanted, so we ordered it.  We ordered it in May, and it took FOREVER.  Turns out, the people that made the ring made it once, and it was uneven, so they took it apart and started all over again.  Nevertheless, we were very worried that the ring wouldn’t arrive in time for our departure for Ft Myers on the 5th.

It came today.  What do y’all think?


 I think it is absolutely beautiful, and she won’t hurt anyone with it, either.  I am just SO relieved it came; I’ve been worried as can be the last few weeks.

NOW I feel like our 20th anniversary is approaching.

3 Responses to “It Arrived Just In Time”

  1. bridgett Says:

    Wow! It’s beautiful. We’ll be married 11 years on July 13th and I’m going to get drywall instead of diamonds, but that’s what I wanted. (Yes, I’m just that romantic.)

    Felicitations to you both.

  2. Shauna Says:

    I hate to state the obvious, but that is something special. It’s a very beautiful ring, and Lintilla is one lucky lady (for the ring and more!)

  3. Susie Says:

    Wow! That is gorgeous!

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