Bad Day

When I got married, my boss at Pizza Inn did me a favor and promoted me to assistant manager (a job with actual benefits), and shipped me off to Murfreesboro.  Before I left the old Bellevue Pizza Inn for my new life, he took me to the side and said:

“The secret to being a good manager of people is sizing up each employee  and deciding whether they respond to a kick in the ass or a pat on the back.”

Let’s just say, my current boss hasn’t figured that out yet.

My coworkers and I did screw something up.  Nothing in comparison to the reaction we got.  And I got it twice; once early, then once again when my coworkers came in (I have quite early hours).

I’ve learned that I haven’t changed a bit since middle school.  When I was a youngin’, and my folks would yell at me, I would get my revenge by…cleaning the house.  I would bury myself in completing a task I knew would make the people that yelled at me happy, and then some.  Maybe I subconsciously thought it would make them feel guilty.  It always made me feel better to immerse myself in housework, though.

I did the same thing today.  I did more coding today than most programmers do in a week.  I put us WAY ahead on a project we just got saddled with. 

I am one weird dude.

Maybe it was my way of saying, “This is how good I am – you don’t want to drive me away”.  I already have people from other departments making my job very “un-fun” for the first time, ever.  We’re meeting with a bunch of them tomorrow.  Yummy.

And now, my own department.  My list of allies grows thin.

Vacation is two weeks away. Normally, I’m not an “unwind” kind of vacationer, I’m a “get out and do” kind of vacationer.  But between now and then, I have several projects coming due, both at work and at home. 

For the first time in my life, I’m going to go on vacation not as an adventure, but as a way to get away from it all.  I don’t like feeling like this.  Not at all.

Hopefully tomorrow, I’ll be in a better mood.  Sorry, y’all.


3 Responses to “Bad Day”

  1. Kathy T. Says:

    Geez I hate reading about your bad day. I’m like you in that I try so hard to please and then I hate myself the next day! I do hope you can get away from it all on your vacation, dude. You deserve it!

  2. bridgett Says:

    Oh, I thought everyone did that. I know it sounds silly, but having a vacation countdown chart (something I never did until this time) was actually kind of fun.

    Hope things level out a bit.

  3. queensonia2001 Says:

    I’m like you. I overcompensate….so that person won’t be so mad, or think i’m better. here’s hoping today was better.

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