New Beginnings Coffeehouse photos up

CoffeeHouse 097

Originally uploaded by Slartibartfast1

I’ve got lots and lots of photos of the coffeehouse performances last night at New Beginnings Coffeehouse. We had a great time (I’ll tell you all about it when I get time later)

Special thanks to Ivy and crew who came out. Sorry you couldn’t stay for the whole thing (I’ve got kids, I understand completely!)

Anyway, click the photo, then when you get to Flikr, choose the New Beginnings Coffeehouse set, and view the full hundred photos!

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One Response to “New Beginnings Coffeehouse photos up”

  1. hutchmo Says:

    Slarti – I really wanted (and planned) to attend this show, but my stupid stupid stomach got in the way and decided for me that I would attend the show at the ER at Baptist Hospital followed by an encore at ICU.

    All my nurses were males. Life losing meaning.

    Much better now.

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