Big Fun Coming Up

I am very sorry I missed the blogger get-together / tribute to Brittney last night.  I really wanted to be there, but had other prior commitments. 

However, I can’t wait to tell you about my day yesterday.   But not yet.  Right now, I want to  remind you of the big event tomorrow: the Community Coffehouse at New Beginnings Fellowship , Saturday night (the 16th) at 7:00 pm.  There is a $3 cover, and the folks at New Beginnings are going to be working on baked goods and coffees all day Saturday to sell that night.  I’ve broken bread with these folks before – they can cook!

The lineup will not disappoint: Bryan Cummming, Radnur Siitam, Steven Troy and X-ALT; hosted by Jennifer Herron of WSMV and WSM-AM.  Rehearsal was GREAT on Tuesday, I can tell you that X-Alt is going to rock.  We have Katy Seale back, and the horn section will be there (thanks to fill-in sax player, Bryan Cumming).

I can also tell you this: I’ve had an awful, awful week (although yesterday was nice).  In these situations, it is so cathartic for me to absolutely throw myself into the spirit, to wield love and joy as lethal weapons, driving away my demons by absolutely losing myself in the spirit (and the Spirit) of the evening.  So, if you come tomorrow night, you might witness a man who appears to be insane, but I assure you I am quite sane, just overcome. 

And I promise you, even if you aren’t one for “Christian” music, you are going to walk away having heard great music.

New Beginings Church is located at 7700 George E Horn Road (just past the interstate on Hwy 70) in Bellevue.

Please come on out!


4 Responses to “Big Fun Coming Up”

  1. badbadivy Says:

    Is this something we can bring kids to? I might be able to make it.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    Of course, Ivy! With just bandmembers’ kids alone, we’re going to have a lot of kids running around.

    This is truly a family event .

    Bring the whole gang!

  3. badbadivy Says:

    Okeydoke, then, see ya Saturday!

  4. Nashville is Talking » Parti With Slarti Says:

    […] is part of a band, and that band is part of a throwdown shindig tomorrow night. Community Coffehouse at New Beginnings Fellowship , Saturday night (the 16th) at 7:00 pm. There is […]

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