Looking at my stats, it would appear that I have a lot of new readers, who are combing through every post I ever made.  Welcome!

If you saw my comments somewhere and came here to see what I’m all about, that’s awesome.  If you are looking for inconsistencies, you’ll find them, I’m sure. 

In short: I’m a “bleeding heart conservative” which means that I’m considered a lost cause by pretty much everyone.  I can be political, but politics rank maybe 10th on my importance scale.  I am a Christian first and foremost, but I have no designs on converting anyone.  Read my “about” page, it’ll tell you more than you need to know.

If you are here looking to find out who my employer is so you can “Gilbert” me, please go away.

Otherwise, I hope you’ll stick around.  All are welcome here, except the uncivil and the unyielding.  They already hold territory on 95% of the internet, they can’t have Shoot The Moose.

In short, I’m not very young, I’m not very smart, but I AM very friendly.  I’m glad you’re here!


One Response to “Welcome”

  1. queensonia2001 Says:

    Nice to meet ya 🙂

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