Something I’ve Learned From 20 Years Of Marriage

I’m a husband, but I’m also a flesh and blood man.  I screw up sometimes.

I learned years ago that when I screw up, when I’ve hurt the one I love, what I need to do is own up.  No excuses, no “I did this because you…”, no “I screwed up, but here’s what’s wrong with YOU…” .  It’s probably the hardest thing for a man, scratch that, for any person to learn, then execute.

Once I’ve humbly repented, if my wife wants to talk about the underlying issues, so be it.  But not before.  She is more important to me than any issue.

I will not die on that hill of Pride.

And then I learned that this philosophy works in all my interactions with all people.

Jesus’ General, my advice?  Son, it’s time to quit digging.  This is not the hill you want to die on.

But, what do I know?


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