Wednesday Randomness

And now, find the fish:  For some time now, I’ve eaten a homemade cold-cut roll-up for lunch on weekdays. (Jared was onto something.  Cold cuts & veggies are a great way to “feel” full on what amounts to very few calories).  Also, since January, Lintilla and I have primarily avoided processed foods; a good rule of thumb is that if you do at least 80% of your shopping away from the inner aisles, you’ll save money and lose weight. 

Well, last night we had a variation.  Tuesdays are rehearsal nights for me, so we need something quick.  We had Gorton’s Potato Crunch Fillets (yum!).  It’s a fish the kids will actually eat, so what the hey.  240 calories for two pieces.  Add a small handful of tater tots (about 250 calories), and you’ve got a 500 calorie meal that feels like fast food.

Anyway, there were leftovers, so today, I get the best of both worlds: a homemade fish taco!  If you’ve ever had the fish tacos at Baja Burrito, you know what I’m talking about.  I even brought my hot sauce.

Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot: Which reminds me about how my tastes have changed over the years.  I used to prefer the taste of Tabasco, but now I prefer the more flavorful (to me) Louisiana Hot Sauce.  I know purists will say these two are both junk, but I can’t afford to go to pepper specialty shops all the time.  I also love a particular Korean chili sauce called Gochujang.  I’ll be pouring that on the bibimbap next week.  [slobber…]

So, what is your favorite hot sauce?  And, if you reply with one of those sauces with “ass” in the name, I’ll have a hard time taking you seriously. 

I’ve got another 5 or 6 years of this?: I grew up in a household of boys.  When hormones hit, we’d just punch each other or blow something up with firecrackers.  This, I can relate to.

But 2 times in the past week, Trillian has been having a conversation with me, and out of nowhere, burst into tears.  And she’s only 9 and a half; it probably can’t even be attributed to puberty yet!  All I could do was hug her and wait for it to subside.  But this is something entirely new to me.  I’d much rather give her something explosive and send her outside.  This, I know.

I’m going to really need y’all’s help over the next several years.

What The?  This threadat NiT is bizarre.  “Disgusted” is most likely a troll, but I’m slowly learning that people really can be that ignorant.

Take My Car, Please: I really, really need to sell my 2005 Scion xB.  We’ve already agreed to buy the 2008 (this was a Lintilla thing); it’s on order.  If we don’t private-sell the car, we’ll have to take a way-low trade in value, and this raises our upcoming payments.  The xB is possibly the best “around town” car I’ve ever had.  Power everything.  35 mpg.  Extremely reliable (it’s made by Toyota).  If you need a car, let me know, and soon.  I won’t play games with you, we’re asking $11,5000 firm.  This is under private Blue Book, we just want to pay off the loan and start fresh with the new one.

Ebay is fun: Somebody in Taiwan wants to buy my condenser mics.  What a strange, wonderful world we live in!

5 Responses to “Wednesday Randomness”

  1. Heather Says:

    Slarti, I hate to break it to you, but my period started at 10. It very well could be puberty raising its ugly head.

    Good luck.

  2. Malia Says:

    Somebody in Taiwan wants to buy my condenser mics.
    Be sure you get your money first!!!!!!!! David was selling an iPod on eBay several months ago and someone from Africa wanted it, turns out it was a big time scam and thankfully he caught on before we were burned!

    I heart Baja Burrito fish tacos!

    I prefer Texas Pete over Tabasco.

  3. Lynnster Says:

    Heather scooped me on what I was going to respond to the “can’t be puberty yet” deal. I was 10 as well. So yeah, if it’s the raging hormones starting early, I feel for ya, brother, but it’ll all turn out OK.

    I wish I had known you were going to have the Scion to sell in April between getting in the wreck at the first of the month and buying the new car at the end of the month. I probably would have been interested in the possibility. I do have a friend who might be – keyword being a very big might – I’ll see if I can track him down this week.

  4. jagadiah Says:

    I’ve never liked the vinegary taste of Louisiana or Tabasco (with the exception of Chipotle Tabasco – mmmmmm), but I looooooove Frank’s. So so so so so good, but perhaps best suited for buffalo style heat.

    Sorry about the hormones, man. That’s rough for all parties.

  5. megaphonic Says:

    i’m a firm believer that hot sauces should be chosen based on the meal. i’ve got the tabasco in my kitchen for chili or grilled fish, louisiana for anything and everything fried, papitos for tacos or fajitas, a thai chili sauce for all my asian cooking, and good ol’ crystal for any other seafood. i grew up eating fresh oysters on the gulf with nothing but a dash of crystal on ’em… it doesn’t have a lot of heat but, man, that taste takes me back something fierce.

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