O Captain, My Captain

I feel like someone has punched me in the stomach.  They always, always, ALWAYS go after the good ones.

I need to gather my thoughts and wipe away tears before saying anything else.


5 Responses to “O Captain, My Captain”

  1. Paul Nicholson Says:

    The irony of her being too balanced, then accused of being unbalanced is thick indeed.

  2. Unbelievable. Pinch Me So I Can Wake Up Now, Please. « The Lynnster Zone Says:

    […] and most who had never even been to NIT before, it appears.  But as my fellow blogger and friend Slartibartfast  commented over at NIT following her goodbye, those of us who know her and who visit and read the […]

  3. zimzo Says:

    I guess you were afraid to give any context to what happened because you knew it would make Brittney look bad. Here is what happened: Of all the hundreds of tributes to Steve Gilliard that appeared on the Internet after he died this week, she chose a vile, hateful and racist post to quote extensively and link to. When a number of people objected to this disgusting attack on someone who had just died and whose family was grieving, Brittney did not apologize or disassociate herself in any way. Then she wrote a snarky post making herself out to be some sort of victim, again without apologizing to this man’s family and friends. If it was your son or brother or friend who had been attacked like this I am sure you would be outraged as well. A simple apology or a statement that she did not agree with the sentiments in the post she linked to would have ended the controversy immediately. Instead, she quit and tried to portray herself as a victim, a martyr. The only honest thing she says in this post is that she contributed to hatred in the blogosphere and for her to cry about a situation that she is completely responsible for creating and could have stopped at any time is ridiculous. For you to then slander Steve’s friends and admirers as a “bunch of jerks” when their outrage was completely justifiable makes you almost as bad as she is.

    Here is the disgusting post she linked to. Do you agree with it, too?

  4. David R. Block Says:

    Oh please. Links now constitute ENDORSEMENT?? She did not say she agreed with it. That’s simply not true. Quit making it up, I can read, too.

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