Come One, Come All


I told y’all I was going to push this one, so here’s your second installment.  Anybody who is available on Saturday, June 16th, please come to the special coffeehouse they are hosting at New Beginnings fellowship to see X-Alt and friends play!

I think we’ll have the full contingent that night (including horn section), and if I’m not mistaken Katy Seale will be rejoining us!  She’s been on the disabled list for a while and hasn’t been able to sing with us.  We might be pretty good without her, but with her, X-Alt will make your toes curl.  She’s that good.

The people joining us are some of the best singer-songwriters in Nashville.  You will not be disappointed in the “quiet” section of the evening’s programming.

And y’all, I can tell from last night’s rehearsal, X-Alt is going to rock.  They may end up calling the police on us, or the fire department, or both.  This is definitely the hottest set we’ve ever done.

Let me make a special invitation to my friends who aren’t Christian.  I know what most people think when they hear the term “Christian” music.  You think schlock; basic, vanilla music that has repeating lyrics and plain vocals.

Come to New Beginnings on the 16th, and be prepared to have your mind blown.  I promise you, our music is great music in its own right.  Part rock, part country, with a heavy-duty dose of R&B/Soul.  You’ll hear songs you’ve heard your whole life, only in a new way.  I can say this without hesitation:  you can’t help but feel joy when X-alt plays, no matter your religion – if you appreciate good music.

We are not ashamed of Jesus Christ – every song is for Him.  Yet, His gift is for the entire world, so we think ours should be too.

Come and see.

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One Response to “Come One, Come All”

  1. Ford Frefect Says:

    Jennifer Herron host of WSM Radio’s Midnight Jamboree and one of Channel 4’s morning hosts has signed on to host the event. Just one more reason to come out and play!

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