Your Evening News

Newscoma’s upset at CNN for reporting fluff instead of hard news.  As a public service, I provide your local and national newscast combined:

Somebody killed somebody.
A neighborhood has seen a string of robberies.
Some team won at sports.  Some team lost at sports.
At multiple spots around the globe, there is war. Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters are dying.
A Democrat called a Republican heartless.
A Republican called a Democrat a tax-and-spend liberal.
A legislature passed a law that’s going to “fix it”, for real this time.
A group of breadwinners got laid off.
A new business is moving in, creating jobs.
Prices of various things are going up.
Some places aren’t getting enough rain. Some places are getting too much.
Some group is picketing to “create awareness” about their group’s plight.
A person overcame great odds to accomplish something heartwarming.
Somebody blames some group for all the nation’s problems.
There was a bad car wreck.
Look! A cute puppy that needs adopting!

That should about cover it.

ETA: I’ve decided that Solomon was going through a mid-life crisis when he wrote Ecclesiastes.  And dang it, I’m starting to sound just like him!  My intentions are not to mock anyone’s need for awareness, I’m just working through my own junk.


2 Responses to “Your Evening News”

  1. newscoma Says:

    Yeah. We are going through a mid-life.
    Walter, how I miss him.

  2. newscoma Says:

    And, my dear Slarti, I’m wondering If you’re evening newscast matched my early morning one.
    Just saying.

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