Ebay Stories

Bridgett is getting rid of all of her junk.  Reading that was one of those weird syncronicity moments for me – seeing as how I currently have my own very large amount of stuff on eBay for the first time, as well.

But for me, de-cluttering is only a pleasant side effect.  Lintilla put her foot down;  I can get the really expensive camera I want only if I can raise the money outside of our normal budget.  (Men, just shut up.  Like Dave Ramsay, I’m a firm believer in women’s intuition on financial matters.  If she feels badly about a financial deal or purchase, I don’t do it., period.  Laugh and call me “whipped” or whatever you want, but be prepared to show me how much  better shape your man’s-man finances are in than mine).

Anyway, I’m selling everything I can to raise enough money to buy the D-40.  It’s actually kind of exciting and fun.  But the whole thing got me thinking.  I needed a quick score, something where I could take steps to the needed $599 + tax in bigger chunks instead of nickel and dime-ing myself the whole summer.  So, I’m selling my home studio equipment.

In a way, I’m selling my dream.

My dreams of being the first hat-less country hunk for the menopause set. (Hey, I love demographics, and this is an under-served market.  A guy can dream, can’t he?)  My dreams of being a well respected singer-songwriter.  My dream of ever finishing my solo album.

Keep in mind, all of this is perfectly natural, and OK.  I am quite satisfied being part of X-Alt.  Giving your musical all for The One is much less stressful than trying to become “a star”.

It got me wondering: how many stories are sitting there in the listings on ebay?

He left me; I want his junk out of my house.  Mom died last winter, and none of the children really wanted this stuff.  My son has outgrown these toys, and me. 

Somebody could write a book about all the stories behind all the listings on eBay.  I can’t help but thinking that it would be kind of a sad book.

Anybody want to buy a portastudio, or a really nice condenser mic?

Edited To Add: Here’s a link to the first wave of stuff, if you’re interested.  Most of it is home recording stuff, so pros might scoff a little.  All I know is that the mics and compressor made ME sound smooth, so they’re worth something.  Rachel, I’ll still email you tonight about this, and I’m working on “that other thing”, too.  Life is kind of killing me right now.  🙂


5 Responses to “Ebay Stories”

  1. Rachel Says:

    Email me about what you have and desired price – the husband is an audio engineer.

  2. Slartibartfast Says:

    Rachel, updated the post with a link. I’ll get with you about this and other things when I get home tonight.

  3. Barry Says:

    Slarti, I’m interested in the portastudio set for myself – does it include a CD burner?

  4. Slartibartfast Says:

    Barry, this one does not. I always uploaded the tracks to my PC and mixed/mastered/burned from there. There’s a USB connection that makes it easy. I used a shareware mixing program (the name escapes me right now), and SoundForge for effects/leveling/mastering.

    Right after I bouth this one, TASCAM released the CD version.

  5. Katherine Coble Says:

    It’s like that short story by Hemingway(?)

    “For sale. Babies’ Shoes. Never worn.”

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