A Big Oops – And A Request

I don’t know how many times I’ve done this: said something that didn’t quite come out the way I meant it.  It’s bad enough under blogging circumstances, it’s really painful when I do it to some of my dearest and closest friends.

 I worded some things totally wrong in this post, and I want to apologise to my bandmates.  Specifically, I never should have said this:

Warrior, Susie and I are the “guts” behind X-Alt’s killer harmonies. 

Of course, worded that way, it was way too exclusionary and implied things I did not mean to imply.  What I meant to say  (where have I said that before?) was that Warrior, Susie, and I usually supply the 3rds, 5ths, and 7ths in X-Alt’s killer harmonies.  I didn’t mean to discount anyone else, the sound is kind of hollow without any of us.  Each of you is an incredible singer in his/her own right. 

I want to apologise as strongly as I can to my dear friends.  When all of us sing together, we have a unique sound that cannot be duplicated.  Each of us is an integral part, invaluable and irreplaceable.  I truly am sorry that I gave the impression that I didn’t feel that way – I do.

As far as the gig itself, I have no idea how it was set up.  I got the call, and did the job.

Now, if you aren’t one of the people directly involved with X-Alt, and you’ve still made it this far, you are made of stout stuff.  But that’s good.  I have two requests of you.  One, Warrior needs your prayers right now.  His father has a pretty serious illness, and is in the hospital again.  Please send whatever prayers and good thoughts you have to Warrior (Mark is his real name).  He will need all the help he can get in the coming days.

Also, there’s an upcoming gig I want you to think about attending.  In fact, I’m practically begging.  A church that we are affiliated with on an ongoing basis has recently made a very bold, and commendable move away from their denomination.  Because they are making this brave but principled move, they are now on their own.  

  They built a stage in this small church, but the stage is just plywood.  It needs carpet, badly.  We suggested hosting an outreach coffee house to raise the needed money.  Many local Christian musicians have stepped up and volunteered their time and talents.  X-Alt will be the musical hosts that night, but there will be a real acoustic/folk feel to the evening, at least until WE go on ;).

I’m going to be telling you more about this in the coming days.  In the meantime, please block out June 16th on your calendars for the New Beginnings Fellowship coffee house and concert.  This is a very important night that I’m hoping will go a long way toward getting this small church up and on its feet.  This means a lot to us; this church (New Beginnings Fellowship) has been so good to us, above and beyond.  We feel an urgent need to help. If I have built up any good will with any of you, hopefully I can cash that in, and have you attend this important event.  Look for more info in the coming days.


2 Responses to “A Big Oops – And A Request”

  1. megaphonic Says:

    do you need any more acts? for such a good cause, i’m sure i could convince “my artist” to play. go check him out at our label site.


    his name is nathan jey. it’s not a “christian” label, but everone involved so far are christians and nathan’s music in particular reflects his faith.

  2. Ford Prefect Says:

    You know we love ya’, I was just bustin’ your chops a bit.
    I KNOW that you don’t have an egotistical bone in you body and that is a big reason that I consider you my dearest friend and why I’ve managed to put up with playing music with you for 20+ years. You, Susie and Mark do things harmony wise that constantly amaze me, you are truly blessed and we are all blessed by having you in the group.
    Love ya’ dude

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