Just A Question

Let’s just say the Predators leave Nashville.  Then the Sounds leave as well.  Things will be back to the way they were when I was a kid:  except for the Titans, our major sporting event options will be down to Vanderbilt football and basketball (which I enjoy immensely).

But, I don’t consider this a good thing at all.  I consider it somewhat of a small tragedy.

Now here’s my question.  If this does come to pass, how much of it can we lay at the feet of our mayor and his administration?  Let me refresh your memory: after the free-spending days of the Bredesen administration, the Purcell administration made up its mind that it was going to go in the exact opposite direction; no concessions to sports franchises, ever.  I understand the urge; I would imagine most of the people reading this would agree.

But that attitude is so 1955.

It’s a reality of modern mayoral politics: you either have to kiss up to potential new sports franchises, kiss up to the ones you have, or have no sports in your town.  It may not be right, but right here in Realityworld, that’s just the way it is.  You can’t fight it; you’ll just lose your franchises to one of the hundreds of cities that IS willing to kiss up.

Of this there is no doubt: our mayor overreacted to Bredesen’s overspending.  If the Sounds leave, much of the blame can be placed directly on him.  The Predators are a more complex problem, but Purcell never lifted a finger to get the business community involved with the team, at least that I saw.  He never looked at our sports teams as part of the community fabric, worthy of protection.

Many of the people reading this couldn’t care less (hee, hee) about sports.  But you aren’t the only citizens of Nashville.  You, alone, do not get to determine what’s “important” in our city. 

I am not happy about this at all.  And I’m wondering just how much blame in this should be placed on Purcell.


One Response to “Just A Question”

  1. Paul Nicholson Says:


    Do we want to be on that list of cities that loose pro sports franchises?

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