Did I Say That Out Loud?

Once a month my boss, who is the greatest, treats us to lunch.  We go somewhere different every month, and we like to be adventurous (for IT people).  Two months ago, it was Fattoush Cafe (OMG! it was great).  Last month, Back To Cuba Cafe (another great choice – I love black beans).  Well, today, we went to Nola’s on West End because the boss had a hankerin’ for mufulettas.

Good choice.

I had this, as transcribed from the menu:  Choripan Maracanzo…Authentic sausage from Argentina and Uraguay, grilled and served on French Bread with chimichurri sauce.

It was heavenly (but I still only ate half, I was good).  As I took my first bite of this authentic South American sandwich, I thought to myself, “nm would be proud of me”.

The looks from my coworkers told me I must have “thought” very loudly.

“Who is nm?”


Anyway, I highly recommend Nola’s, especially for lunch. 

 And the lines between my blog life and my real life get ever more blurry.

Update: It just occurred to me that I would pay good money to see any of ya’ll mention “Slartibartfast” in a real-world situation. 🙂

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5 Responses to “Did I Say That Out Loud?”

  1. Eric Says:

    Alright, Slarti, you’re going to have to pay up….I’ve already mentioned you (as well as other bloggers, such as KC and Newscoma) to my wife…Does that count?

    So how much you gonna pay me?? :-Þ

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    Update: It just occurred to me that I would pay good money to see any of ya’ll mention “Slartibartfast” in a real-world situation

    Come to First Baptist Church Adult 1-A department on the occasional Sunday, where people I didn’teven know knew I existed read my blog and come up to me to discuss all the commenters.

    Or come to my house any evening where I say “Slarti said this” or “nm said that” or “B thinks this” or “Mack thinks that.”

    What’s even worse is when I try to refer to all of you by your REAL names and the Husband says “who”? Then I have to back up and say “XYZ is Slarti’s real name” or “ZYX is Mack’s real name.”

  3. nm Says:

    Awww, Slarti. I don’t go around thiinking “Slarti should be a more adventurous eater,” BTW. I just thought that your search for the right utensils for bibimbap was hilarious when juxtaposed with your emphatic (and not in response to any attack, even) defense of non-authentic Mexican food just a post or so away.

    But what I must, must know is: how did you pronounce ‘nm’? Am I ‘en em’ to you, or am I ‘nem’?

  4. Slartibartfast Says:

    “en em”

    Being from the south, it’s actually closer to ee-un ee-um. 🙂 Just kidding; I lost the accent in high school. Now I sound like I’m from Ohio.

    “Nem” reminds me of another person missing a vowel, Kent Hrbeck, and that just brings back the all-too-bittersweet memories of the ’91 World Series, and I just get all upset. So, sans vowels, I’d rather think I’m dealing with initials. Much less stress.

    But I digress. If you had a blog yourself, you could put the right pronunciation on your “about” page. I had a “here’s how you pronunciate Slartibartfast” post back last winter. Everybody wants to pronounce the “i” like “e” (Slart-ee-bart-fast), but when I read Adams, in my minds eye the “i” was a very short “i” pronounce “eh” (Slart-eh-bart-fast). Slight emphasis on the third syllable.

    And that’s the way they pronounced it in the silly movie. But that’s not important.

    It’s even more fun if you say it with a very pronounced southern accent.

    BTW, my pre-emptive defense of Americanised Mexican food goes back to my hatred of the elitist attitude they have about food in the Nashville Scene. “God save us from Cracker Barrel” and all that.

    That’s why I really like B’s list. Enjoyable food is a very personal thing.

    Had I not adopted two children from Korea, I may have never tried Korean food, and would have missed out.

    Where the heck was I going with this? Anyway, it’s “en em” to me. Is that right?

  5. nm Says:

    I have fairly high standards about food myself. And [digression] I can’t stand Cracker Barrel because 1) they deliberately make you wait in the gift shop to try to get you to buy stuff, even when there are lots of tables empty, and 2) then when you get served the food isn’t even all that good of its kind. I mean, on the one side there’s Waffle House and on the other there’s Arnold’s. Cracker Barrel, as a restaurant, just feels unnecessary, though I like that they sponsor the Opry. But [end digression] you misunderstand the Scene’s attitude. It isn’t about the food (as far as can be told, their food writers don’t have much of a clue), but about the, um, scene. There question is always whether people as hip as they are would feel comfortable there. If you want good local reporting on food, read Jim Myers in the Tennessean.

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