Somebody’s Been Hard At Work

Lintilla left Julie Lamb a voice mail yesterday, so hopefully she’ll get back with me today about the interview.  “Interview” sounds funny, because Julie taught my children’s Sunday school classes for years.

Anyway, yesterday, there was no website.  I found the domain, but the dreaded “under construction” was all you could find there yesterday.

Well, lookie here: Lamb For Council .  It’s mostly biographical information, but it’s a start, and will save me much time.  And there is also this, which was also referred to in my comments yesterday:

Please join us for a Campaign Kickoff

Candidate for Metro Council District 22
Sunday, June 10, 2007
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.
River Plantation Club House
7508 Old Harding Road
Contributions appreciated
Tennessee law prohibits corporate contributions. Individual contributions
may not exceed $1,000 per person.

Between now and then, I’ll try to get you some more information, but this event would be a great place to meet Julie and see what she’s all about. 

I’m dying to hear her ideas on what, if anything, the council should do about the Bellevue Mausoleum, er, Mall.  This seems to be the issue that comes up the most when I talk to people from Bellevue about local politics.  That, and the fact that the current councilman really seems to be an attention hog.

Stay tuned…


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