Clearing The Temple

Kathy T has written a wonderful, wonderful eulogy for her friend, Lindell, that recently passed away.  You need to read it, it will warm your heart.  Except for this part, which enrages me beyond expression:

The brief service itself was the strangest part for me.  Though our friend was no angel during his time on Earth, he was a marvelous, creative, bitingly funny, amazing person.  But because he apparently hadn’t been “saved,” the preacher wouldn’t speak of his life and he wouldn’t speak his name.  The service was conducted solely to comfort Lindell’s Mom, not to memorialize our friend, with the “Tho I walk in the valley of death…” and other Bible readings.   The preacher urged Lindell’s Mom to take comfort over the loss of her son in prayer.  But he never said Lindell’s name, nor did he say one single thing about his life.  That’s why this post is being written tonight — so it can be our friend’s eulogy.

Folks, I’m so angry about this, I can’t even post about it right now.  When I calm down, I will give my thoughts.  This is a cruelty beyond compare. There is absolutely NO theological basis for this behavior; it’s just cruelty.

Anyway, I’d better not get started till I calm down.  Pah!


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