The Sun Is Shining

I’ve been seeing a lot of bitterness and weariness from bloggers on both sides of the aisle lately, simply because these people have not found the proper perspective about where politics should fit in the grand scheme of things in their lives.  For these people, I have a story:

I started to head down to the workout room today; I went outside to wait for the shuttle to take me to the proper building here at the corporate campus of SCC.  I do this almost every day; I watch CNN while on the treadmill so I can find out what’s going on in the world.  I usually end up mad, or scared or upset in some way.

Well, I’m outside waiting for the shuttle, and the sun is shining so bright it reaches into the depths of my soul.  The air is so clear, the sky so blue, it touches me in a place that almost makes me weep.  A slight breeze beckons seductively; will I come away?

I went back inside, changed into my running clothes, and did my three miles in Centennial Park instead of the treadmill room.  The beauty I saw and felt was almost surreal; it swept through me like a gentle breeze.  Rounding lake Watauga, even my iPod was playing along: Jackson Browne’s Rock Me On The Water, Elton John’s Take Me To The Pilot, Rush’s La Villa Strangiato .  I felt an indescribable joy;  I was actually tempted to whoop and holler.

The old hackberry near the art center has finally recovered from the April freeze.  They’ve just put a fresh coat of paint on the shelter near Hog Heaven.  Children still flock to the playground near the old retirement home.  There are some new joggers joining me out on the track.  I think I witnessed a proposal, or at least a declaration of love.  A homeless man sat on a bench, enjoying this gift from God as much a I did, because God’s love shines on all of us equally.

Y’know what?  I missed CNN, but nevertheless, I got in touch with what’s really going on in the world.

Won’t you join me in the sun?  “The struggle” will still be there when you get back.


One Response to “The Sun Is Shining”

  1. Barry Says:

    I am so there with you.

    I read blogs, and watch the news, and listen to the radio and am amazed and stupified by all things “political” – that anyone would attach such importance to abstract, ephemeral concepts such as “conservative”, “liberal” – or even worse “Republican”, “Democrat”, “Libertarian”, etc – to assign them concrete, measurable values…. it’s so sad.

    And that’s especially magnified when you do something like you said you did – experience life, outdoors, nature, people, love, kids – all that which is available for all to enjoy, while so many lock themselves in their own little self-righteous dungeons and choose sides against one another.

    Good on ya, mate.

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