That’s Weird

I do not watch Heroes.  I wish I did, but we made a conscious decision at the beginning of the season not to load down our DVR with one more show. But anyway, tonight we’re watching Thank God You’re Here, and a promo comes on for Heroes.  “Zaphod!”, Trillian shouts, “it’s Adair!”  We pushed and rewound the promo, and sure enough it was Adair Tishler.  She plays the character Molly Walker.

How bizarre.  From kindergarten through 2nd grade, she was Zaphod’s classmate.  You don’t know how weird it is to see a kid who went to your son’s birthday party on a hit network TV show.  My brush with fame, I guess.  Heh,

After 2nd grade, she moved to LA to persue her acting career. (That sounds weird, too). It looks like she’s well on her way.

 Here’s a blurb that was in the Tennessean the other day:

Adair Tishler a local ‘Hero’

Actress Adair Tishler, 10, appears in the next two episodes of Heroes, which airs at 8 p.m. Mondays on NBC. She also appeared in two episodes from the show’s first season.

“Sadly, you see her parents have been killed by a bad guy, Silar,” says her proud dad, attorney John Tishler.

About two years ago, Adair moved to California to live with her aunt, while John and his wife, Sandee, remain here with son Ward, 14. Adair also has appeared in House and Charmed.

John says they won’t know if Adair will become a Heroes regular until they start recasting for the fall. “We hope she doesn’t get killed off.”

 I wish her well.  She was the nicest little girl; and her brother supplied a great memory to us.  He arrived at my son’s birthday party dressed as a taco.  One of the weird things that happens when your son’s birthday is right around Halloween.

I may have to catch up with this show on DVD, now.


7 Responses to “That’s Weird”

  1. Phil Wilson Says:

    Dude, it kicks ass. Best new show of the season and the little girl is a great actress. Very emotive.

  2. Katherine Coble Says:

    Of all the shows to not watch. Seriously. You picked Dancing with the Stars over this? Wow.
    Weird choice.


    That little girl is cute, but she also kinda skeeves me because she’s obviously a little girl but she has a grown-up face.

  3. Lu Says:

    After 2nd grade, she moved to LA to persue her acting career. (That sounds weird, too).

    Not if you’ve lived in LA. 🙂

    And Kat’s right. Dancing with the Stars over Heroes??? Seriously. Consider the back of your head good’n slapped.

    PS — an old friend (whome I’ve lost touch with) from my home church in LA is the co-exec producer of Heroes. It’s about dang time she got a hit show; she’s been working her tail off for years.

  4. daddyquatro Says:

    Best! Show! On! TV!
    This message brought to you by the Department of Emphatic Punctuation!

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    […] Local “Heroes” connection […]

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If you get Sci-Fi channel then they’re airing every episode on Saturday starting at 9am ET. 21 hour Heroes marathon.

  7. Heroes: Random Questions And Observations « Just Another Pretty Farce Says:

    […] I mean, really. Here’s this guy whose supposed to have been this major nightmare threat to Slarti’s Son’s School Chum, and he more closely resembles a jovial middle school custodian than a skulking terror […]

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