Dancing With The Stars: Incredible!

Last night’s semifinal of Dancing With The Starswas by far the greatest dancing I’ve seen on the show during the semifinals.  With Billy Ray gone, there’s nothing left but really, really good dancers.  It’s almost as if we are watching four professional couples.  The 10’s were flying off the shelves like Webkinz.

Apolo Ohno will win this thing, mark my words.  It’s hard to believe that his real profession is participating in an obscure extreme skating sport.  Except for the fact that Len though his cha-cha-cha was raunchy (it was, BTW – even I blushed), he did by far the bast dances of the night.

Ian Ziering gave the most memorable moment: he did the jive (I think that was the dance) in an Elvis wig.  It transformed him into another person.  He finally let go and had fun on the floor.  I’m afraid it may be too late for him – he might be the one who goes tonight.

Joey, big surprise, is the best entertainer of all.  You can’t take your eyes off of him while he’s on the floor.  People see his big frame and give him a lot of leeway; they forget that in order to be in a boy band he had to have natural talent as a dancer.  I love his partner Kim because of what a good sport she was last season being paired with Jerry Springer.  They’ll probably be in the top two, but…

Don’t write off Laila Ali.  What a surprise she’s been!  There’s one word to describe her: smooth.  I told Lintilla last night, inexplicably, “she’s like watching soft-serve ice cream move”.  And I mean that in an admiring way.  I’ll admit, when the season started, I wasn’t sure if she’d last long; she just seemed so masculine.  OMG, was I wrong!  She’s absolutely stunning: graceful and flowing.  And, she’s perfectly curvy. Watching her, I’ll admit, I have to chant “I’m a married man, I’m a married man” and remind myself that her fiance (and she) could kick my butt.  But man, what a beauty!

Anywy, it’ll be a shame that one of them has to go.  The judges commented that there has never before been a semifinal this strong; I agree.

2 Responses to “Dancing With The Stars: Incredible!”

  1. rlgelber Says:

    I agree, Apolo is incredible. This is the first season I’ve watched and I can’t get enough of him.

  2. badbadivy Says:

    Apolo was amazing! I keep telling Jim I want to scoop him and his partner up and keep them in my pocket and take them out every now and again and make them dance. 🙂

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