Wow. It Could Really Happen.

So, I see in the news that there’s someone new running for the Metro Council  seat in my district.  This lights a fire deep inside of me, and reminds me of something.  I have, like many other people, a list of things I want to do before I die.  One of the things on the list, that has been there for some time, is to run for elective office.

Now, according to the Metro Election Commission’s website, I have until May 17th to file a petition to run for Metro Council.  That’s a short time to collect 25 signatures, but do-able.  But there’s one problem.  What if I screw up and win?  The Metro council bores me to tears.  Hours and hours of tedious zoning stuff just isn’t my idea of fun.  I know for some, local council politics is the most important thing in the world, but I can’t even fake interest.

The state house does interest me, but there’s two problems with that: I generally like  Gary Odom, and if I ran for that office, I would actually want to win.

But this is interesting.  Whilst looking up the petition requirements in the Tennessee Code, I found this:

(b)  (1)  Nominating petitions shall be signed by the candidate and twenty-five (25) or more registered voters who are eligible to vote to fill the office. Nominating petitions for independent presidential candidates shall be signed by the candidate and twenty-five (25) or more registered voters for each elector allocated to the state. Each independent candidate must designate the full number of electors allocated to the state. (Emphasis mine)

I could probably round up at least a hundred signatures from church alone.  Then there’s work, family, friends, neighbors, and you good people.  I need 325 275. (TN still has 13 11, electors, right?).  I could have a yard sale, and collect signatures of people as they come to shop.  With y’all’s help, I think I could do it.

All I really want to do is walk into the booth and see my name on the ballot beneath the big boys.  I’m very seriously considering doing this.

What do you think?  Will y’all help me get on the ballot in the state of Tennessee for president?  It will get me off the hook of having to run for Metro council.

 And…can I run as Slartibartfast?  Would that not be the coolest thing ever?

Update:  OK, I’ve looked into this a little more.  Here’s a blurb from wikipedia:

Tennessee – 25 signatures is all that is required as of 2006 to be put on the ballot for any elected office. A candidate for President of the United States must put forward a full slate of candidates who have agreed to serve as electors (11, at least until the 2010 census).  

If I read right in the Tennessee code, I need 1 elector from each congressional district.  So, the first person from each congressional district in TN that responds, I’ll nominate as one of my electors.  (Hopefully, newscoma will be one, and Lynnster).  This is your big chance to “select” AND “elect”.  What I haven’t figured out yet is, of the 275 signatures I need, do I need at least 25 from each elector’s district, or can I just have a pile of signatures from Nashville, but designated electors from the districts?  Any experts in TN election law out there?  Help me with this, and I’ll name you an elector.  C’mon, you know you want to!


4 Responses to “Wow. It Could Really Happen.”

  1. Warrior Says:

    Got my vote, dude!

  2. Ford Prefect Says:

    Can I be you running mate?

    Vice President Ford Prefect!

  3. Katherine Coble Says:

    I’m throwing away my vote on Ron Paul this time around. Check back with me in 2012.

    Or, the way we’re going these days, check back with me in early 2009 for the 2012 election.

  4. Slartibartfast Says:

    Well, Kat, all I want is your signature on the petition. I’m not expecting anyone to actually vote for me. 😉

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