Thoughts From The Doctor’s Office

The old Slarti machine is still humming along.  The doc says my weight loss, and its steady, reasonable pace, are astounding.  She says I should write a book.

Still have low blood pressure (89 or 98 – I can’t remember which one, over 164), and a very low heart rate.  The last time, it worried the doc so much, she did an EKG to make sure nothing was wrong.  Turns out, I’m just hibernating.

The movie/music reviewers of People magazine and I never agree on anything.

We decided that Ambien and me is a marriage made in heaven.

No male-stuff problems.  I’m sure you were waiting on pins and needles to find that out.

I still don’t give blood very well.  If I don’t lay down while they’re doing it, I’ll turn white and eventually pass out.

Do you know how easy it is for a large Dr’s office to lose track of a patient? Hello? I gave the urine sample 30 minutes ago.  Now I have to go again.  Would you like a fresh one?

The gowns still confuse me.  Are you supposed to keep your socks on?  Sure, your feet may be warm, but won’t it look a little silly?  But then again, how is it possible not to look silly wearing one of those gowns?

Anyway, she says I’m good to go for another year, unless I do something stupid that needs her attention.  Which, of course, is highly likely.

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One Response to “Thoughts From The Doctor’s Office”

  1. Lynnster Says:

    Low BP – she did tell you to up your salt intake, right?

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