I Was Hurt By An Immigrant

Sort of.  I am still, two days later, extremely sore because the Redneck Canadian made me do a second rep with the weights on Monday. 

My body aches all over.  I can barely move.  Every time I get a little comfortable, something happens that makes me shift position, and the pain starts all over again.

An immigrant did this to me.

Never mind she’s “legal”.  Never mind that I asked her to help me with weight training. 

I know it’s hard to get worked up emotionally over this.  I’m only sore.  I asked for it.  The Redneck Canadian isn’t brown (can Canadians even tan?), and she’s been in the country so long, she says “about” correctly, and I even heard her say “ain’t” the other day.  On Thursday, we’re working out together again.

I wanted to go ahead and say my peace since everyone else is doing it

So, yeah, I’m just funnin’ ya.

Besides, the Redneck Canadian has been hurting me for years.  And I usually come out of it a little more muscular.  And she’s in just as much pain as I am.

But y’all – she likes gravy on french fries. 

Our very culture is threatened by dumbbell-wielding hockey fans.  We must do something.

Hey, I just thought of a new slogan:  “Welcome to America.  Now, use ketchup!”

3 Responses to “I Was Hurt By An Immigrant”

  1. x117236 Says:

    Wow. You just ensured that you won’t be skipping over any exercises or reps tomorrow.

    And that’s “brown gravy” on fries. None of that white stuff… in Canada we call that paste.

  2. Warrior Says:

    Dude, don’t you know Canadians have much more practice shooting Moose! Lie down….play dead!

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